Sleep Support - 5 months to 4yrs

One Mum's story

"Our 8mo little man was having 2 x 30 min day naps (unless he slept on me) and would wake every 2-3 hours over night for a feed, since he was 4 months old. Bed times were a nightmare, we’d feed to sleep and then try to transfer him to his cot without waking him.

I had recently returned to work (4 days a week!) and was exhausted, as was my husband. He was the one who made the call to Katie and that week she came and stayed overnight to coach us how to get our boy to sleep. I wish we had called her sooner! 

After one week, our boy was napping in his cot for 2 – 3 hours (total) in the day AND sleeping through the night (7pm – 7am). Bed time and nap time are so incredibly easy now, he actually wants to be put in his cot!

Katie herself is such a lovely, friendly person who made me feel calm and in control. She uses gentle sleep techniques and I felt I could trust her immediately. She’s great with following up and checking in on how we are going. Although I haven’t needed to speak to her for weeks now .

If you’re ummm-ing and ahhhh-ing about making the call, just do it. You won’t regret it!"

  - Meg 

    8th July 2019  (Mentone, Vic)



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