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The holistic approach to infant nurture & sleep. 

Sensitive Baby Sleep Consultant & Midwife.

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•  Want to improve your baby's sleep?

•  Does the idea worry you? 

•  Confused about your goals & options?

Your concerns are good. It's not a decision to be taken lightly. 

Sleep school, hiring me or going DIY style; before you start, unravel your emotions and work out your goals. 

This easy download could be your first step towards the stress free sleep you dream of.

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Need a helping hand?

Help! My newborn never sleeps!


Want reassuring, in-home professional support, while learning to understand the changing needs of your new baby?  A warm & reliable presence, to cheer you on as you make your calm and confident transition to parenthood?

My toddler fights sleep every night. It's exhausting!


Do you dream of a stress free bedtime, without tears, fears or tantrums? Would you like it on your own terms, instead of being dictated to, by your toddler? It's not a fantasy, btw... this is possible.

We CAN work this out!


Avoid the guess work and cut out the stress.  You CAN find the right answers for you, as you grow in confidence and relax into your own happy style of parenting.

Your memories of this time deserve to be treasured.  Don't allow them to be a chapter you'd rather forget!