Welcome and thanks for checking out my website. You might be wondering who Katie is. Well, that's me!

I too used to struggle with sleep when my kids were little and my bed was often littered with them by morning! (I have 4, btw)

I loved baby wearing, co-sleeping and feeding to sleep while they were tiny, but as they grew I felt myself becoming resentful and exhausted, particularly as my youngest two arrived together. Twins!!  

Even having 'practiced' on my older children, I had no idea how to achieve a good night's sleep without the dreaded cry-it-out!!

If only I knew back then what I know now.

There was no way I would ever have considered sleep school.  And sleep consultants?....don't get me started on them!!! My belief was that they merely peddled strict routines and instuctions for controlled crying!!  How wrong I was!

So here I am. A decade on, practicing sleep consultancy along side midwifery and continuing with the holistic impression of mum and baby as one.

For babies to thrive, we need thriving mums.  We need feeding rhythms to work, and for sleep needs & mental health to be priorities instead of after-thoughts.

I understand this now and despite feeling sad that I could have easily improved sleep for myself and my own babies; at least today I am able to support others in avoiding the same overwhelm I faced.

Yes you can still co-sleep. Yes you can still baby-wear. Yes you can breast feed through the night.....but you know what? Turns out it doesn't have to be every 45mins!!

I'd love to show you how. 

- Katie

(Registered Midwife & certified  Sleep Consultant)