Families share their stories...



Krysia 24/5/20 (Black Rock)

⁣”Sonny was 18 months old when we finally reached out to Katie. We had got to the stage of dreading the day coming to an end because it meant we were gearing up for a night of unpredictability and completely disrupted sleep. My husband and I were even taking turns sleeping on a mattress on the floor in Sonny’s room just to try and get some sleep ourselves. It was becoming a desperate situation. ⠀

Sonny needed to have one of our hands on him to pat him to sleep and he was waking anywhere from 2 to 6 times a night, depending on...who knows what... maybe the angle of the moon that night?!?!⠀

It was taking us between 20 - 60 minutes to get him to sleep each night, including wake ups in the middle of the night. ⠀

There were two really important things for us when seeking help: that the professional was gentle and listened to us and that they were evidence based. Katie is all of these things and more!⠀

The first night Katie guided us with gentleness and set the right pace for us which led Sonny to self settle in 25 minutes and sleep through. Katie’s presence and reassurance was so calming. The next night it was 7 minutes to self settle to sleep and slept through all night. It has been nothing but the same ever since. Even when he is sick or teething, he is sleeping through the night and putting himself to sleep. Katie used her learnings and experience to help us tweak his routine, awake times and supporting Sonny to self settle. Within days we had a totally transformed child who was sleeping through the night but also totally rested and able to engage with his surroundings and play. It made a world of difference to my husband and I as we both work 4 days a week in demanding jobs and the disrupted sleep was taking its toll. ⠀

Also, as someone with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, my own sleep hygiene is really important to function and manage life as a mum. Katie’s follow up has been fabulous, and her information booklet goes through every stage of baby and sleep, so we have the tools & information if we have another baby. The only question we now have is why didn’t we get help sooner? A truly amazing experience and a very happy family! Thank you Katie ☺"



Rosemary 20/5/20

I called Katie to help with my little boy Sam shortly after he turned one. He was a poor sleeper from the day he was born, so by the time a year had passed, I was exhausted, depressed and so rundown that I seemed to catch every cold and gastro bug going around. We had done sleep school twice, but it didn't make any substantial or long lasting improvements. I was full of sadness that motherhood was nothing like I had hoped. 

When he turned one, Sam's alertness went to a whole new level; he started standing in his cot shouting, often for over an hour at a time. It felt like every time I closed my eyes he would start wailing. I felt like a failure because I had no idea what I should be doing. 

A friend from mothers' group had used Katie and recommended her. We found Katie incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. We did an overnight stay and it was a gamechanger for us. Katie gave us the perfect balance of clear advice and guidelines, balanced with gentle, flexible techniques. Sam is now two and I can truly say he has been a fantastic sleeper ever since we had Katie's help. Thank you Katie for giving us back our rest and enabling me to enjoy motherhood again. 


Bec 4/5/20 (Berwick)

My little girl Anika was sleeping through the night at 9 weeks...I couldn’t believe my luck! However when she turned 5 months that all changed in an instant. After weeks of multiple night wakings I resorted to co-sleeping and feeding on demand overnight. Fast forward to Anika being close to her 1st birthday and we were still waking in excess of 5 times and feeding almost as many. I knew something had to change. I was exhausted, snappy and my family wasn’t getting the best version of me. I also worried Anika wasn’t getting the quality sleep she needed. I heard about Katie through one of my mothers group friends. I was a bit hesitant at the thought of sleep training as there was no way I was going to leave Anika to ‘cry it out’. I was looking for something gentle and that is exactly what I got. Katie listened and provided me with a plan accordingly. Initially I wanted an overnight stay but with the Covid pandemic I had to do the telephone package. This was exactly what I needed! Here I am 1 week later and Anika is sleeping 12 hours in her own cot and settling like a champ. I’m blown away! I was always sceptical reading reviews of such quick progress but here I am writing my own. Katie is amazing, if I could I would give her a massive hug! Thank you for giving us our sleep back!!




Candice 24/4/20 (Frankston)

“Our 18 month old boy is now happier than ever, thriving and well rested because we made one very important phone call and opened our doors to Katie for support! 

It was a loooong and slow road that led us to contacting Katie for help. We doubted whether we should be able to sort out Sammy’s sleep on our own, justified that things could be worse and believed that it had to get better.

We reached breaking point when Sammy began thrashing around his cot, waking overnight screaming and then rising early in the morning beside himself. We knew we couldn’t continue ssshing, patting, cuddling or feeding to sleep and then carefully transferring him back to the cot. We were exhausted after walking him in the pram for his entire nap or driving the streets for hours at night to get him back to sleep.

I won’t lie, we were incredibly anxious that first night, but Katie has been so gentle and encouraging in teaching us how to best support Samuel with his sleep. When hiccups emerge she’s a simple text or phone call away. We’re not on our own, we have Katie on our team and it’s been the best decision we’ve made for our family!” 

Thanks to Candice, Chris and gorgeous Sammy for sharing your story 🥰


Marina 14/4/20 (Frankston)

Katie is our Fairy Godmother! Our little Princess has not been a good sleeper day one, and we have been struggling with night sleep for over 14 months. 

We have done lots of reading and research, but the approaches offered by these resources were simply not for us and mostly were not working, which did make us feel a bit of a failure.

Katie was recommended to us by a large number of friends and we finally made the decision to contact her. I wish we did it much earlier!

Katie gave us confidence that our stubborn little bear can sleep well, and even though it took a few weeks, she guided us every step of the way and we felt her support and confidence shine through our own actions.
Our baby girl is much happier having better quality sleep and we finally can breathe with relief!

Thank you Katie, I wish every new mum and dad would get a gift voucher for your services, then parenthood would come much easier for a lot of people!



Chloe (Highett) 6/3/20

Sienna had never been a great sleeper. 
From 4 weeks old she was diagnosed with colic, then at 5 months diagnosed with both gluten and dairy intolerances. Sienna didn’t nap for very long and wouldn’t sleep unless she was in my arms, so we took the Co-sleeping route. It worked until it didn’t and I was constantly struggling with getting through the day. I spent hours bouncing on a exercise ball. It was the only thing that would make her fall asleep. Sometimes hours on end. 

Someone else was also going through a rough time with a non sleeping baby on Facebook and requested everyone’s recommended sleep remedies on a Mums group. Katie’s name came up not once, not twice but 5 times from different women who swore she was fabulous!

I went on her site but got scared away thinking that maybe my situation wasn’t that bad and that I could surely solve it myself. Right?! .. 

Another 3 month’s went by after reading books, listening to mother’s group opinions but I was still in the exact same position. Nothing had changed.

January came around and I thought it’s time, so I emailed Katie and a couple of weeks later Katie, the sleep queen arrived on my door step. (We decided on the overnight package - best decision by far) 

I’m going to be honest, The first night was hard but Katie made it easy and I 100% would of called it quits if i didn’t have her by my side. She made me feel at total ease and took me through the exact stages Sienna was going through. Fast forward 3 days later and Sienna would wake once a night, fast forward 5 days later and my baby was sleeping through and in her COT!! UNBELIEVABLE.

Sienna now naps for 3 hours in total a day and my now 1 year old is sleeping through the night. She is such a happy baby.

We have had some rough times with interstate trips that have made Sienna go back a few steps but I just use our book and revisit the steps we did in the beginning and BAM 💥 she’s back on routine within a couple of days. 

If you’re scared to do this, don’t be. It will change your entire life. I thought I was getting somewhat decent sleep cosleeping but to be honest, looking back now I definitely wasn’t. 

Have total faith in the process, she’ll change your world for the better.

Katie, we can’t thank you enough. (You’ll be on speed dial for baby number 2!)



Jessica (Clyde North) 27/2/20

I’m not sure if Katie is a magician or just a Sleep Goddess, but she has given us one of the greatest gifts as first time parents- a baby who knows how to sleep.
We got in touch with Katie when our little man Hudson was just 5 months old, and in a cycle of overtiredness and difficult sleep habits - he needed to be vigorously rocked to sleep, held for naps (which rarely surpassed 30minutes) and had frequent nighttime wakings which was taking its physical and emotional toll on all of us. But within 24 hours of Katie’s visit, we had an entirely different baby!

In the early days, we felt we had a pretty lucky sleeper in Hudson - we’d rock him to sleep and pop him in his cot at night and he’d just wake for feeds as needed. But when we hit the 3-4 month mark, things regressed dramatically and suddenly he wouldn’t be put down without waking and screaming so we ended up having to hold him for naps and were up and down all night - there was no predictability in his sleep which meant days and nights were constantly on alert for when he’d wake and need our attention, making it near impossible to have any down time.

We were recommended to give Katie a call from a friend who had similar issues, and from the very first email I knew Katie was exactly who we needed to talk to - she was so kind, understanding and comforting to an overtired/overthinking mum who felt like she was doing everything wrong!
I was absolutely floored when Katie came and helped Hudson self settle to sleep within 40minutes on his first try. And then he slept through to morning with just a few feeds already on that first night. The next day, he did 3 self settled naps, 2 of which were 1.40 minutes long all on his own! It was an incredible feeling not only to take back our time but to know he was having happier/better quality sleep that was so important for his development. And already by the second night, he was settling in under 10minutes, and waking in the morning happily just chatting and playing in the cot until I got him up! Not only is he a great sleeper in his cot now, but he’s snoozing in the car seat, the pram, his portacot - we have so much flexibility in our life now!!

He is overall an entirely happier/well rested baby since working with Katie, as are we as parents - sleep is no longer the focus of our day (or night!) and we can finally just enjoy our time together and getting out and about with our happy little man.

All of Katie’s information, strategies and advice from settling through to feeding, sleep environment and troubleshooting issues is invaluable - and her close support throughout the process made it a really happy experience and not at all stressful on any of us. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough to any parents who are feeling the sleep pressure and aren’t sure where to start on helping their little one. Thank you Katie!!




Danielle (Frankston) 21/2/20

Katie is a miracle worker. After going on holidays, having croup and approaching her first birthday our perfect little sleeper became a different child. She would only co-sleep (something we never did before) could not be left alone and would wake crying every hour or so throughout the night. Katie came to our home for 4 hours, in that time she gave us the tips we needed to take back the control and let our little lady know who’s boss. Katie gave us back the confidence to know what we needed to do and in just a few nights we saw massive improvements. Within the week we had our normal 12 hour a night sleeper back. Katie is gentle, supportive and kind. She’s also just lovely to have a chat with! I would highly recommend her to anyone going though a rough time with sleep. Thank you again Katie! You saved us!


Gabrielle, 19/11/19 (Rye)

Katie has been absolutely fantastic. I can’t recommend her services enough. She has helped so much with our 2 year old son numerous times when situations changed. Always very responsive and supportive. I am so glad I have met Katie as we were not in a good way, she has literally changed our lives! ❤️



Mikayla 16/11/19

My 6month old baby boy was the worst sleeper we co-slept since birth and it was what worked best for us.. until it didn’t... 

He became so hard to put to sleep some nights it would take 2 hours of me lying with him or rocking him I cried at least twice a week he would wake over 20 times in the first 3 hours of going to bed... 

His day naps where shocking would only nap for exactly 30 min at a time he was just miserable ! 

We needed help we researched all our options and Katie’s program is what suited us best her kind loving nature her gentle approach I felt so comfortable and felt so supported by her !  I can’t even explain the change that happen in our first night with Katie ! I cried tears of joy ! I didn’t want her to leave I continued her program after she left with my partner and honestly within 3 days I had a new child who loved self soothing and was excited for bed and slept all night without waking ! Or crying ! His short naps became long 2 hour naps within two day ! I just couldn’t believe my eyes the change in my son his so happy and giggly it’s amazing 

My son with go to sleep anywhere in a porta cot it doesn’t phase him I just place him down say goodnight and walk out and he just goes off to sleep when his ready!! 

My mental health my relationship and my life have just changed so much and I could never thank Katie enough. If you are struggling, feeling low and crying while rocking your child or simply just having a rough time, do not worry. Pick up your phone and give Katie a call! She makes the impossible, possible!! 

Thankyou so much Katie I recommend you to every struggling mum I meet. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts especially little Oscar xx


Ellen  30/8/19
I found Katie at just the right time. My 22 month old son has been having issues with sleep on and off during his tiny life, I felt like I couldn’t take much more given I’m 5 months pregnant and it started to become a huge battle. I thought I’d read everything I could about sleep, and had previously purchased 3 different sleep programs, so was skeptical to reach out. But what Katie has offered our family has been invaluable, and it was such tailored, caring advice specific for our family’s situation that it wasn’t information I could have sought from books/ generalized sleep programs. Within one conversation I felt more confident with my approach, and my husband and I were able to align our approaches to be more consistent for my toddler, which he responded to right away. He went from screaming for every nap and bedtime and for over an hour overnight, to going straight down, and settling himself overnight to waking up happy and rested.
Katie’s book is full of common sense, compassionate advice which works and puts a mums mind at ease rather than makes you feel like you’re failing (which I’ve felt from every other “program”).
Thank you Katie! I only wish I found you earlier 💕

Syndi  24/8/19
Rating: 10 STARS!!
I was just like you, broken and exhausted.  Searching for Sleep Consultants, Calling Sleep Consultants, reading their reviews, and thinking do I or don’t I … feeling so overwhelmed.
Then, I was referred to Katie.
Not only was she kind and informative but she took all the time in the world for me on that faithful Sunday, it was then I knew I was on to something good.
Katie turned our house of horrors in to a happy home in a matter of hours … HOURS!
Every case is different but here’s what happened for us in less then 24 hours:

- No more co-sleepjng. Our 10 month old now sleeps in his cot
- No more sleepless nights. I was getting 4 hours of broken sleep a night. I now get a minimum 7 hours of solid sleep a night
- No more 20-minute naps during the day. He now sleeps between 1 - 2 hours twice a day
- No more grumpy and tired baby. He is now a happy baby who is showing more affection
- No more broken family. We are now well rested, energetic and much MUCH happier. The house even feels like a storm cloud has lifted and has let the sun stream in … life is just so much better.

Katie is by far the BEST decision we have made this year and the GREATEST investment for our family.
Put your doubts and fears aside and give her a call today!

Meg  8/8/19
Katie is an absolute lifesaver!
Our 8mo little man was having 2 x 30 min day naps (unless he slept on me) and would wake every 2-3 hours over night for a feed, since he was 4 months old. Bed times were a nightmare, we’d feed to sleep and then try to transfer him to his cot without waking him.
I had recently returned to work (4 days a week!) and was exhausted, as was my husband. He was the one who made the call to Katie and that week she came and stayed overnight to coach us how to get our boy to sleep. I wish we had called her sooner!
After one week, our boy was napping in his cot for 2 – 3 hours (total) in the day AND sleeping through the night (7pm – 7am). Bed time and nap time are so incredibly easy now, he actually wants to be put in his cot!
Katie herself is such a lovely, friendly person who made me feel calm and in control. She uses gentle sleep techniques and I felt I could trust her immediately. She’s great with following up and checking in on how we are going. Although I haven’t needed to speak to her for weeks now 😊
If you’re ummm-ing and ahhhh-ing about making the call, just do it. You won’t regret it!

Hannah 25/7/19 Mornington. (Baby 22 months)

Katie  has restored order to our household and given my husband and I time  back for each other. For that, we will be forever grateful – especially  with baby number 2 on the way shortly.

I  had always been on top of recommended sleep routines from the early  weeks. I tried earnestly to make sure our household would be as well  rested as possible. We had a few hic-cups along the way, and I often fed  once overnight for the first year but all in all I think the three of  us managed to sleep relatively well.

This  all changed for us at when our baby turned 18 months. There were a few  changes in our lives at that point, but I think the increase to four  days at childcare in conjunction with progressing up to the toddler room  had a large impact on the sleep disturbances to come. Initially, two  days a week after childcare our toddler blatantly refused to go to sleep  at bedtime. She wouldn’t settle until somewhere between 8.30-9.30pm.  Four months later this habit had increased to every night after  childcare and was sneaking into our days at home, which usually ran like  clockwork. We had tried some tough love ourselves, but found ourselves  locked up in her room until she went to sleep most evenings. Household  chores, time out and time with my husband were suffering. We were all  exhausted!

Then we called Katie.  I’ll admit I was skeptical that we could fix our problem, thinking I’d  tried all the tricks for weeks to no avail. Katie’s kind nature,  ingenious tips and tricks and constant encouragement and follow up made a  huge difference to us. It took 3-4 weeks of gradual improvement for us  to reach the ultimate goal, but we got there. Our daughter now sleeps  12-13 hours each night without protest or tears. I am SO incredibly  grateful I made that phone call. Now we all get to enjoy a full night of  rest before our second little one arrives shortly. Thank you Katie…  from the bottom of our hearts!

Meagan 23/05/19, Officer. (Baby 6weeks)

I reached out to Katie after several weeks of severe sleep deprivation.

My little man was not sleeping at night at all and his day sleeps were erratic. My husband and I were at our wits end.
Katie has been a life saver. Best decision i ever made was to contact her. 

In 4 days, there has been significant improvement, using the simple techniques shown to me by Katie.
Little man is sleeping, with little to no resistance and currently   learning to self settle. I am still pinching myself as I now have a   completely different child. He is calm, happy and now well rested.

She   is amazing, extremely understanding and supportive, accommodating to   our needs and wants and a wonderful person in general. I cannot fault   her and highly recommend her to anyone. Best thing I did was to reach   out to her and look forward to her continued guidance !
Thank you again Katie.

Sarah 20/05/19 Safety Beach. (Baby 9months)

What can I say, Katie is a rockstar!!

We   were so apprehensive having someone come into our home and spend the   night helping us settled our little man but in all honesty it was   amazing! BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT!!

Our   little man was waking up 3 to 5 times a night and was taking up to an   hour to settle for bed. Now he goes down at 7pm on the dot and sleeps   through until 5am where he has a feed and back to sleep until 7am.   Rarely waking overnight and all from day 1 after Katie spent the night   with us. 

We could not recommend Katie and her service anymore more highly!!!

Rachel 14/4/19. (Baby 8.5 months)

Katie   is very understanding and gentle in her approach. She listened to my   journey and was very intuitive to the needs of my daughter. She gave me   the reassurance I needed to get my daughter back on track with  sleeping  the through the night and the confidence to trust my own  judgements. I  am very grateful! Thank you Katie x

Bianca, Mornington 12/04/19. (Baby 16 months)

Hi Katie,
I hope this finds you well.
We don't even know how to begin to thank you!!!You have change all our lives in such a positive way.

I first called you with so much hesitation and admittedly many tears as I had reached a point of ridiculous tiredness.
Our baby girl slept so well for the first 8months of her life - then   everything changed. She was hit with her first cold and as her mum I   wanted her to be comfortable so I held her while she slept as her poor   little blocked nose kept waking her through the night. Little did I   realise then I was creating an unsuitable habit for us all.

I   loved the cuddles and as it turned out so did Miss. It got to the  point  where she could no longer fall asleep on her own nor could she  stay in  her cot for the night. As a result after many months of trying  to  resettle her every 2-3hours we ended up co-sleeping (which was quite   nice at times) though ultimately this was not ideal for us, hence our   call to you!

That one night with  you  in our home, changed our lives - It was an incredibly hard night  one we  wont forget any time soon, however, from this night on we are  thrilled  to report that Frankie sleeps in her cot without us having to  resettle  at all. She sleeps for 12-13hrs a night and her day naps are  also a  solid 1.5-2hrs in her cot.

Thank  you  Thank you Thank you - You not only coached our little girl but you   coached us, giving us the tools to feel confident in providing the  best  opportunity for our daughter to be able to sleep well. We are now  truly  the best versions of ourselves, as is she, all because our  household  gets quality, solid sleep.

I have recommended you and will continue to do so to any and every parent I meet that could do with a Katie chat!!
I have to say, its not simply the tools you provide that made this work   so beautifully, it is you yourself, the unconditional support and your   relaxed, humorous nature is what my husband and I connected with.
Thank you for the bottom of our hearts.

Anna, Frankston, 25/3/19. (Baby 8 weeks)
Katie guided us towards the best way to settle our newborn. No harsh   methods just gentle coaxing and a soft, no cry approach. Our boy has   been so much easier to settle and is learning to be an independent   sleeper. Katie listened to what we want for our son and demonstrated  how  this could be achieved in a way that was best for both us and our  son.  Thanks Katie!

Fiona, Drysdale 28/2/19 (Baby 8 months)
My little guy had difficulties sleeping from birth, awake for hours at   time, screaming at night. Finally at 6 months we found out he had   several food allergies which were causing pain and sleep difficulties.   Due to this he was cuddled/held to sleep for many, many months as this   was the only way he would get any sleep.
I had tried everything, sleep school twice, another sleep consultant   business, white noise, essential oils, sleeping on the floor next to   him... the list goes on...
Finally by 8.5 months his allergies and gut health were sorted, but by   now he’d been waking hourly for a month. I was exhausted, I’d had   enough, wasn’t coping and was heading for PND.
I messaged Katie on a Friday to ask how she was any different to   everyone else I’d tried. She made time to chat on Saturday and   accommodated our needs to fit in a phone consult on the Monday.
Katie IS different to all the others, she has been through it and   completely understands how tough sleep deprivation is. She listened to   what I wanted and what our routine was. She was supportive of all of   this. No rigid time schedule to follow, some lovely ideas for bedtime   routines.
Katie supported us through the first few tough nights to help my little guy sleep.
Fast forward 2.5 weeks and I’m pleased to say he finally slept from   7:30pm to 7:45am just days before being 9 months old. I thought this  day  would be years off!
I had said all I wanted was him to sleep from one feed to the next and   not wake hourly. I never expected him to sleep through so quickly.
It was previously taking up to two hours to settle him at night and   often it would be after 9 when he was asleep. Now he’s asleep by 6-7pm   and I don’t know what to do with my evenings! Most of the time he goes   to sleep within minutes of being put into the cot. I now enjoy the   cuddles and reading books at bedtime, it’s become my favourite part of   the day.
Having sleep has made such a difference to both of us, we are both so   much happier. I am now enjoying our days together so much more.
Katie is gentle with her approach, has been there and done that.   Sensitive, common sense advice. Full support and ongoing as well. Truly   life saving! I’m so glad I got in touch with her and can not thank her   enough.

Stacey, Lilydale, Feb 19, 2019
We can’t thank Katie enough! After coming highly recommend from another   mum, Katie helped us with our 2 year old terror who had been a  terrific  sleeper his whole life until NOW!! I was not coping with life  at all!  Katie listened to me, gave me some suggestions to try and then  came to  observe. After following Katie’s advice, within 2 weeks our  terror had  gone back to sleeping like he used to! The whole night! Her  check-ins  and follow up is genuine and very encouraging. This woman is  MAGIC!  Thanks again Katie

Julia, Mornington, Feb 15, 2019
Where do I start?! Katie 100% lives up to her reputation! She helped us   when we felt like we had tried absolutely everything. A couple of   changes and we have a happy little boy who sleeps through the night! I   love that Katie offers ongoing support whenever you run into any  hiccups  along the way! Do yourself a favour and call Katie - she’s  worth her  weight in gold!

Leah, Mt. Martha Jan 23, 2019
Absolute life saver! Our 13 month old was fighting sleep more and more   and we ended up thinking she was afraid of her cot for some reason. We   had never co slept but she used to fall asleep with us on the couch,   watching tv until she was fighting that also, throwing herself around,   arching her back just crying with over tiredness but wouldn’t sleep  till  after 11pm. She was also up a lot over night then, not really  napping  during the days either which made her clingy and very sooky. 

I’m   also 7 months pregnant and so tired I was in tears daily, absolutely   losing my mind on what to do. We saw Katie not even a week ago and   cannot believe the difference! She is sleeping 10-12 hrs a night   solidly, rather than crying/waking every hour, like she was, and  napping  twice a day for around 3 hours.🙏

This household is so much happier. We recommend Katie 100%

Morgan, Mt. Martha  Jan 15, 2019
No words could fully explain how incredible Katie was when I contacted   her for help with my little girl. My daughter was such a typical day   catnapper, from 10 weeks old. I would be lucky to get 30-40minutes  naps,  just enough time to eat, maybe tidy up dishes in the kitchen and  sit  down very briefly before we were on again! It was exhausting and   starting to affect her night sleep. We often fed to sleep too and I was   wanting to gently teach my daughter how to self settle. Bedtimes were   always a struggle too.

When my   daughter was 5months old, I decided that something needed to change. I   contacted Katie, and within a week she came to visit. She helped to   educate me on my daughter's sleep needs, how to pick up tired ques and   techniques I could use to help teach my daughter to fall asleep in her   cot. We instantly saw a change and her day naps have changed so much,   often 1.5-2 hours in length!. She is so much happier and I don't dread   nap or bed times anymore.
Katie is a miracle worker. I highly recommend to any mummies needing sleep support or advice.

Chelsea Dec 8, 2018
Absolutely fantastic service, highly recommend! Her plan worked so well   for our nearly 2 year old. We should have called sooner. Everyone in   the house is getting much more sleep thanks to Katie! 💖🙂

Emma, Dec 3, 2018

We   found Katie when we were exhausted with our baby boy waking every hour   through the night, napping during the day and fighting every sleep. We   really struggled getting him down in his cot or bassinet and I was an   emotional wreck. Katie responded so fast and was at our house the next   morning guiding us through the necessary changes to help our bubs  settle  and sleep, and to give our sanity back. We saw some fast  improvements,  and then gradually over the next month our baby boy was  sleeping in his  bed all night on his own, settling himself and going to  sleep without  much help during his day sleeps as well! What a dream.  She’s on call  whenever you need her, so warm and supportive, and really  holds your  hand through the process. We have learnt a lot and very  grateful to  Katie for her help. We certainly highly recommend her if  you’re like us  and need some help. No judgment, just a friendly smile,  kind words and  easy to follow guidelines.

Abby Nov 27, 2018
We couldn’t recommend Katie more highly. For the past 3 years we have   had many sleepless nights, and hours on end googling new sleep toys.  You  name it we have tried them all. But a 3 hour visit to our home and   Katie brought hope back into our lives. Rose was waking anywhere from   9:30pm-11pm and ending up on our bed, but with some magic tricks Katie   taught us we are finally getting a full night sleep. And no more  toddler  tantrums. Please don’t hesitate just book in for the magical  Katie to  save your sanity 💤🧙‍♀️

Nikki Nov 19, 2018
Katie is amazing! 
We had struggled with sleep with our 10 month old son (now 12 months   old) for a while. We were cosleeping and he was just constantly feeding   overnight - this mama was getting no sleep! We needed help!
Katie came to stay for 1 night with us and with a few adjustments   leading up to bedtime and some reassurance while settling, our son now   sleeps through the night and is in his own cot!
Still surreal that he is out of our bed and not feeding 5+ times a night!
Highly recommend Katie! Very gentle approach to help with sleep & settling.

Jess Nov 17, 2018
I couldn’t recommend Katie enough she was a god send to our family. My   daughter was 18 months old and had co slept since birth, she would wake   multiple times a night to feed( she was breastfed). During the day we   would have to push her in the pram to get her to sleep and that’s where   she would nap. I stumbled across Katie on Facebook and contacted her   straight away. The night Katie came she was warm and gentle with our   daughter she watched our routine before bed and made a few small   changes, it was a long process on the night but we found what worked  for  our daughter and we haven’t looked back since, she now sleeps in  her  cot for every sleep, she has been sleeping through the night and  has cut  down breastfeeding to morning and night. She has always been a  happy  baby but you can tell she loves her own space now and I owe it  all to  katie. Thank you so much xx

Amanda Oct 21, 2018
Katie is a sleep deprived mother’s best friend! 
Katie is an incredible, calm, humble and friendly person, and she also   puts your baby to sleep, what more could you ask for?? My lil man   (8months) and I were co sleeping for about 5 months and I would feed to   sleep - however in the last few weeks before I called Katie he  wouldn’t  really sleep on the boob much anymore and I would be stuck in  my room  for sometimes 3hrs fighting him to sleep, he was always a bad  napper  during the day as well, however that’s all changed now! One  visit from  Katie and my lil man is now sleeping during the whole  night!!!!!! (and I  was shocked to see how easy it was with the gentle  techniques that  Katie used!) and we finally have a routine!
I am still in disbelief. Katie is on call and will be there if you need   any help, support or guidance, and without her there is no way I could   have done this, and I would still be sleep deprived, angry and   frustrated that my son doesn’t sleep well. 
We are on a positive journey, my baby is so much more calmer and   happier and so am I. I am so glad I called Katie and got her to come   rescue the whole family. (Honestly don’t be like me and call Katie once   you’ve had a complete break down!!) 

If   your baby is anything like mine or even not as bad haha don’t look   elsewhere and don’t question yourself. Pick up the phone and call Katie   she will rescue you, give you the gift of sleep to your baby and the   gift of your sanity back! 

Thank  you  Katie! Words cannot describe how thankful Leo and I am and Leo and I   have such an incredible bond now and so much happier because of you   xx  

Taryn Oct 20, 2018  
When I initially contacted Katie, I was at my limit of sleep   deprivation. I was emotional from continual interrupted sleep night   after night and had no time to myself during the day.  I was at the   point where I was really ready to make changes to my 10 month old's   sleep routine. Despite this, I only wanted to make gentle and gradual   changes which led me to Katie.
I thought that I had done all the wrong things when it came to getting   my boy to sleep but Katie reassured me that I hadn't and she gave me  the  confidence to implement her simple techniques. After only 4 weeks I   went from cosleeping and feeding to sleep, waking on average every 2   hours at night to now only one night feed, and sleeping an average of  10  hours in his own cot. 
My now 12 month old son has slept consistently since then and I feel   like I have my life back. Katie's follow up calls and support have been   invaluable and her service has made such a positive impact to our   family. I only wish I had contacted Katie sooner and I hope you do the   same.

Meni Oct 16, 2018
Brilliant. Came out assessed bedtime routine and behaviors. Little guy   now not waking up every hour but sleeping 7-7 most nights. Some nights   7-8. Ongoing support and answering questions for anything that comes  up.  Always gets back to you. High recommend. Beautiful nature.  

Heather Oct 11 2018
Couldn't be happier ... a 2.5 year old who didnt know what sleep was   and a 5 month heading in the same direction ... ONE session with Katie   and our 2.5 year old is sleeping eating and living happier than we have   ever been able to manage. Our 5 month old is well on her way too,   everything is managable, bearable and most importantly we have our bed   back! The ongoing support is invaluable and we are truly relieved we   just bit the bullet and did it.

Rebecca Sept 6 2018
To all first time mums, please do yourself a favour and book Katie to   attend a home visit within the first two weeks of being home. She is a   godsend and will put settling techniques in place as a prevention  rather  than a solution. Katie has a very gentle and calming nature  wwhich puts  your mind and worries at ease. I would highly recommend her  services  not just for sleep but overall baby care and welfare.

Stephanie Sept 6 2018
I was heavily pregnant with our second baby on the way and were in   desperate need for some  help With our 18month old. Katie was so   helpful, professional and had a gentle approach to training our little   girl to sleep through the night again.

Esther Aug 20  2018
Our 2 year old son was taking around and hour to 1.5hrs to get to sleep   at night and then waking and co-sleeping anytime from 11pm onwards.   With a newborn now in the house, no one was getting any sleep and my   partner and I had no time together. We thought nothing but a magic wand   was going to be able to change his habits and attachment. Katie came  and  stayed one night with us and now we have both kids asleep by 6.30pm  and  the evenings to ourselves! After a few days of having to help  settle  our son back to sleep in his own bed he now settles himself when  he  wakes. Unbelievable. We are so grateful to Katie for the gentle way  she  was able to change his behaviour (and ours). And the follow up  support  over the phone for both our son and newborn has been incredibly  helpful.  I can’t recommend Katie more highly. 
She even gave us some great tips for our chooks!

Ruby June 26 2018
Katie is a tired mum’s best friend! Her guidance and wisdom was so   valuable. My baby and I are in a much better place now and I didn’t  have  to leave her to cry. I really liked that Katie guided me through  step  by step because it’s easy to loose track of how to move forward  when  you’re sleep deprived. I can’t recommend more highly!!

Belinda, May 14 2018
Thank goodness for Katie!! Can not thank her enough for all her   guidance and support during a time when I was struggling with total   sleep depravation, exhaustion and anxiety due to my one year old baby   waking every 2 hours... Katie's kind, calming and understanding  approach  was all we could have hoped for! She provided techniques that  worked  and on going support by phone when needed. Always with kindness.   Recently our now 21 month old has taken to jumping up and down in her   cot and taking hours to go to sleep...One call to Katie who was more   than happy to discuss and provide invaluable guidance which saw our   tantrum throwing daughter go to sleep within 15 minutes ..and sleep   through the night!!  We highly recommend Katie.

Tanya March 16, 2018
I had been nursing and feeding my daughter to sleep for 19 months. This   worked well up to about 16 months. There were times when it got a bit   tough, and I considered getting help with my daughter’s sleep, but   things would settle and I continued with what I was doing. I was happy   to continue as long as she was going to sleep within 30 minutes.   However, at the 18 month point my daughter started to take 2 hours   before going to sleep of a night. Sometimes it would take ages for her   day nap as well. It was horrendous. I felt like she would never go to   sleep and I was stuck in a chair when all I wanted to do was go and   relax for the evening after a big day. Eventually it got too much, I   knew I had to look at getting my daughter to self settle to sleep in  her  cot. I was very tentative, but I was exhausted and not functioning  as a  mother during the day from being so drained from nursing her to  sleep. 
Katie was an angel. When I rang her, she gave an empathetic ear, and   was extremely supportive. I knew I would be at ease with her in my   house, helping with this new step in my daughter’s sleep. 

Katie   came in and did a consult whereby she sat with me for my daughter’s  day  nap. I found it very challenging to put her in the cot and letting  her  have a cry. Katie let me go back in as much as i wanted, but  everytime I  did, my daughter wanted to play. It helped me to understand  when my  daughter was crying and needing comfort and when she was  fighting sleep.  I sat outside the room katie, door open so my daughter  knew I was  nearby. Eventually she fell asleep. I had to do this same  process for  every sleep, and every day, Katie would ring and check in.  Every time I  had a more challenging time, she was a phone call away to  talk me  through, reassure, readjust. She was always very quick to  follow up, and  there was never a feeling of being rushed as I debriefed  my experience.  After about 4 days, the protests stopped for most  sleeps. After about 2  weeks, it got much easier, and it was only  tweaking times so she was  not taking so long to fall asleep and a few  sleeps there were some  protests by then. Six weeks later, she is  falling asleep within 30  minutes for most sleeps, and not needing me.  She feels safe and content,  and knows I am nearby if she does need me. 
Thank you Katie for helping me find the confidence in myself to do this, and giving me my night times back!

Erica, February 3, 2018
Katie recently helped us to stop the dreaded all-night "dummy runs" for   our 7-month old baby. Her support and advice has been invaluable, and   she has continued to check in on us regularly. I love that she really   listened to our concerns and took a tailored, flexible approach to suit   the needs of our family. I would highly recommend Katie to anyone   looking for a caring but effective solution to baby sleep issues!

Bek, January 28 2018
My baby girl refused to fall asleep in her cot, or anywhere except for   in my arms while I was bouncing on a fit ball. I was her sleeping  aid...  until I found Katie.
I felt uncomfortable at the thought of sleep training, sleep school and certainly CIO.
I finally found Katie, who has an incredibly gentle, flexible and adaptable approach to helping babies sleep. 
The first few weeks in particular were really tough, and required a lot   of patience. Katie’s follow up support is second to none, checking in   daily, she brought me back down when things seemed too tough and gave  me  confidence to persist and change/tweak things that weren’t working.
After 6 weeks my baby girl is falling asleep in her cot, all by herself!!! And I’m still pinching myself!
Thank you Katie, you have been our saving grace. I no longer live with   extreme anxiety every time my girl shows me her tired signs!!

Kim, Dec 21 2017
When I got in contact with Katie my son was 6 months old, a catnapper   who was having most of his sleeps on me and was cosleeping with us,   which itself wasn’t an issue but he wanted me to be with him from his   bedtime early evening. 
I came across Katie on Facebook and in desperation while I was   snuggling my baby to sleep one evening I got in contact with her. We   organized a phone consultation as I am in NSW and Katie is in VIC. 
Over the hour phone consultation Katie gave me gentle strategies to   try, a bit more structure around bed times and awake times, as well as   respecting my desires and boundaries. 
What I loved most was Katie kept in constant contact when I needed it.   We had daily chats while I needed the extra support and had lots of   questions. As time went on Katie continued to call me regularly until I   got to the point where I felt I had my son’s sleeping to a point where  I  was happy with his progress and could manage life a lot easier.  After  our last phone call Katie extended the offer allowing me to call  her if I  ever wanted or needed. 
It was hard work for the first few days but well worth it now when I am   able to put my baby into his bed during the day and night. 
Katie was a lovely support for me, I couldn’t suggest her more if you are looking for a tailored sleep consultation.

Hollie, Dec 14 2017
When I first contacted Katie I was tired from not sleeping, sore from rocking and bouncing and desperate!!
Katie came out for a 2hr session but ended up staying for 4hrs and was   great at showing me strategies of getting my 8m old to sleep in his cot   without having to use any crying methods. 
It was lots of hard work and lots of hours spent in his room each day   while I worked out his awake times and helped him link sleep cycles,  but  within a couple of days we went from cat napping to good length day   sleeps and 6+ wake ups a night to sleeping at least 11hrs a night! We   even got a 13h stretch the night before he cut his first tooth and a   12.5h stretch the night before he cut his second tooth!!
The follow up support offered from Katie was amazing and she was always   so willing to lend an ear whenever I needed a vent! I now have my well   rested happy baby back and I can't thank you enough, Katie!
I would highly recommend Katie to anyone who is struggling with sleep but doesn't feel comfortable with any crying methods.

Alyssia, Nov 30th 2017
Thank you Katie, my 17 month old who has woken hourly to 2 hours almost   his entire life (with the exception of a great pre 4 month stage) now   sleeps in his room, in his cot and practically through the night, with   maybe one wake up that just needs a small pat to get back to sleep.   Katie was an amazing help, and not only provided me with the right  tools  to make this happen but the on going support after she had left  my  house was above and beyond amazing. I couldn't recommend more.

Emma, Nov 17 2017
When I got in contact with Katie I was at a loss. My son was 4.5 months   old and a serial catnapper who was having maximum 2hrs sleep per day.   He was cranky, irritable, almost impossible to take out and wasn't   feeding properly - I didn't know what to do. I'd tried well known   'schedules/routines' but nothing worked. 
 came across Katie on Facebook and after reading her posts I made   contact with her. I had nothing to lose. Within 30mins we'd arranged a   time to have a chat over the phone for that night (Katie's in Victoria   and I'm in NSW). 
From the moment I spoke to Katie I felt relieved. She asked me numerous   questions to gain an understanding of my son, his sleep issues, sleep   environment, feeding, everything. Right then and there over the hour   phone call, Katie gave me gentle strategies to introduce and encouraged   my opinions and suggestions the whole way through.
What I loved most was Katie kept in constant contact at whatever time   suited me. First she called me daily where we'd chat, make tweaks to  our  plans and she'd encourage me and give me a little pep talk. As time   went on Katie continued to call me regularly until I got to the point   where I felt I had my sons sleep under control. After our last phone   call Katie extended the offer allowing me to call her if I ever needed   anything. 
2.5 months later my son is a good sleeper and has been for about a   month. It was hard work but well worth it and Katie was the perfect   mentor, coach and friend.

Lesley Ann, Nov 11, 2017  
Katie is simply amazing!! Our 10 month old at the time would only feed   or be rocked to sleep. With Katie’s guidance and support our son now   falls asleeps on his own, in his cot, with not many night wakings!  Never  thought it would happen but it did. Katie gave us our confidence  back  and much needed support when we didn’t think we could do it. Her   experience as a midwife plus having her own kids really shows in how  she  gives advice, always listening to what you have to say, adapting to   your baby’s needs and never pushes certain ideas or routines on you,   just good & sound and flexible advice. And most important of all,  no  controlled crying which we were dead set against! What also really   impressed us is her ongoing support after the initial consultation with   frequent check ups and always available to take your calls or text   messages. Will be recommending Katie to anyone who is thinking of   getting a sleep consultant!

Jess, Nov 3 2017
I can not recommend Katie enough! She was so lovely and clearly knows   what she is taking about. Her reassurance gave me the confidence to   continue without her after only a few hours of guidance. My 5 month old   boy would only nap in the carrier or pram. Since Katie’s visit he has   napped in his cot every single time. We are still working on different   strategies to extend his power naps but settling him is not something I   get anxious about anymore. And the last two nights he has self settled   to sleep. I literally kissed him on the head and walked out of the  room.  I never thought my baby would do this! Very glad I didn’t go to  sleep  school and got Katie to help me one on one and in our every day   environment. Her follow up support is amazing as well. Thank you,  Katie 

Stacey Oct 30 2017
Katie was an absolute saviour . Our little man was sleeping no more   then 20min, refused to go in the cot and only slept on our chest . Not   only was no sleeping affecting my partner , myself and our 4 year old,   it was also affecting our relationships with each other .
Within the first week of seeing Katie our little man was sleeping in   his cot all night ( with the odd occasion waking for a feed) and was   having a minimum 3 sleeps a day for 50 minutes plus - some days we even   get two hours sleeps! 
Thankyou Katie , my little man is now happy and we are back to our happy selves.

Liana, Oct 26 2017
The list is endless on how much My bubs sleeping has helped and I would   have not been able to do with out Katies help and support. The support  I  received from Katie was really incredible and got me through and   knowing she is there for us if we need her again gives us great   confidence we will always have a good sleeper from now on! Thank you so   much!

Maria, Oct 24 2017
Katie is a godsend! She worked out a routine that best suited us as a   family and since Katie came for just two hours along with regular   conversation, my son has slept in his own bed and goes to sleep without  a  fight which he hasn’t done in months and months! He is better rested   and so are we. Thanks again Katie xxxx

Lize, Oct 13 2017
Thankyou Katie for giving me my evenings back!!
I contacted Katie in desparation after months of trying to get my 18mo   to sleep in his cot, rather than in my bed! I was going to bed with him   every night at 7.30 for him to be playing around and asleep at 9.   (Evenings gone) We had a 2 hour session with Katie and now my boy is in   bed by 7 every night in his own cot!I actually wish i contacted you   sooner.Thanks for your help and advice Katie. I will highly recommend   you xx

Annike, Sept 30 2017
Katie came to us on Friday morning by the time she had left we already   saw such a change in our 10month old.. one night on and she is already a   changed baby. I can't thank katie enough! She was such a caring gentle   person and gave such an amazing energy. I highly highly recommend  katie,  couldn't speak more highly of her.

Lauren, Sept 28 2017
Our mothers group did a session with Katie and it was brilliant, it's   amazing how a few tips and pieces of simple advice can make a huge   difference! Would highly recommend to all parents groups to do a  session  with Katie!

Kylie Sept 17 2017
Thank you so much Katie!!! If you are after help with sleep or need   extra support after having your bub, I could not recommend Katie highly   enough. She was so wonderful when she came into our house for the day  to  help us with Lucy, who had lost all ability to self settle, after  all  the pain she had been in. Katie helped us back onto the right path  and  now Lucy is sleeping so much better and is so much happier (So are   we!!!). The follow up texts, calls, etc have been above and beyond too.  I  thought it was important to share such a wonderful service for any   families who are feeling like they need some help for whatever reason.   Thank you  Katie!!! Xx

Lynda Sept 12 2017
What a wonderful woman! I'd finally had enough of my 16month old and   his constant waking overnight. I knew I had created a serious  dependence  on the breast overnight and just didn't have the confidence  to break  it.  Katie gave me the perfect advice, support and  most  importantly;  the confidence. She was BRILLIANT! Excited to report he  slept the WHOLE  night by night four. The WHOLE night. 7pm-7am. Yep.   Two wake ups and he  self settled back within a minute or two. And I  didn't even have leave  him to scream alone. So good! Fingers crossed  tonight is even better!!  Thank you Katie for your wisdom and kindness.  Xx

Emma Sept 9 2017 
Katie was AMAZING!! My 8 week old boy would barely sleep between 8:30am   and 11pm and when he did sleep it was for only 5 or 10 minutes. 
Katie came and spent the day with me and within half an hour of her   being here my baby was asleep in his bassinet and slept for 40 minutes.   And he just improved throughout the day, having all the naps that he   should be having.
I highly recommend Katie, she was so lovely and got my little one sleeping.

Annie Sept 5 2017
Katie is amazing!! I saw her two months ago and she helped me get my   little boy to settling in the cot without my help. He is now 6months  old  and has decided not to sleep again. I then  started  "feeding to  sleep"  as it was easy and quick. Yet this meant multiple night wake  ups.  Without any fuss Katie is yet again helping me again trying to  work out a  new way to get him back to sleeping in the cot without the  help of  feeding. In her words "I never give up until I know everything  is  fantastic". She is a wonder woman.

Claire Aug 4, 2017
Katie has been amazing! My little man just did not want to sleep during   the day and Katie was able to give advice, strategies and a calm and   supportive ear when I needed help! Cannot thank her enough!! Happy  bubba  and happy Mumma!!